Energy Improvements 

Our engineers are trained to carry out surveys on your current installation and provide a report & quotation showing the areas that require improvement, such as central heating systems and control installation, lighting installations and domestic appliance installation. 
Installation of a PV system

Solar PV Installations 

PV systems (photo-voltaic electricity generation panels) are a very useful way of reducing your electricity purchase from the National Grid. 
C W Strickland have been installing these systems since 2011 and are MCS approved. 
Solar iBoost+ (The UK's Best Selling PV self consumption controller, gives you free hot water from your PV array)  
Use surplus PV power to heat hot water 
Cut energy bills 
Use existing immersions 
Simple to install wireless energy sensor 
Fully automatic operation 
Maximise self consumption of home PV energy  

Ground source and air source heat pump installations 

Heat pump systems are a great replacement for any fossil fuelled water based heating and hot water system. These systems are most suitable for under floor heating systems (can also produce higher temperature water for radiators but efficiency falls away as the temperature rises.) 
Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP) rely on a heat collector which is laid below the ground surface either as a series of coils (a "slinky") in a trench/trenches or in a lake/large body of water or a bore hole. They have a higher rate of heat output as the ground is at a steady temperature of around 10°C (compared to an Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) which collects it's heat from the outside air.) 
CW Strickland & Son install wiring and controls for specialist heating systems, aswell as refridgerent pipework for split ACR power systems. 
For further information or to obtain a quotation for any Renewal Energy services, please contact us using any of the following methods: 
01751 431204 
C W Strickland & Son Ltd, 
63 Piercy End, 
North Yorkshire 
YO62 6DQ 
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